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The 1717SGC/SCC is designed to provide a larger imaging area while eliminating the need to rotate the detector to capture even the widest chest or abdomen.

The detector possesses the thickness of traditional ISO 4090 film cassettes, which makes retrofitting them into standard cassette trays easy. The use of 17x17 inch detector provides more flexibility when positioning anatomy and eliminates the need to be rotated for certain.

The 1717 S-Series is constructed with Rayence's auto-trigger signal sensing technology, removing the need for generator integration. Efficiency is improved by streamlining workflow through the elimination of the additional steps required when using film or CR.

Together with an image preview time of less than 5 seconds, patient throughput and overall productivity is increased, and the wait time for patients is decreased, providing an economical and ideal solution for any X-ray room.

1717SCC/SGC • 17x17 Tethered Flat Panel Detector


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Features & Specifications

  • ​Auto-Trigger Signal Sensing Technology
  •  17x17 inch Active Area     

  • ​Auto-Trigger Signal Sensing Technology
  •  17x17 inch Active Area     

  • ​Auto-Trigger Signal Sensing Technology
  •  17x17 inch Active Area     

Detection Area     17 x 17 inch

Sensor Type     Amorphous Silicon with TFT

Scintillator     Cesium (1717SCC) / Gadox (1717SGC)

Pixel Matrix     3328 x 3328

Pixel Pitch                        127㎛

A/D Conversion               14/16 bit

Resolution                        Max. 3.9lp/mm

Preview Time                    ≤ 2Sec.

Energy Range          40~150kVp

Data Output              Ethernet 1Gbps

Weight                       9.25lbs / 4.2kg

Dimensions               18.1 x 18.1 x 0.6in

  • New tapered design, easy to grasp, easy to slip under patient

  • Magnesium alloy casing is extremely lightweight & durable
    The 14x17” detector is only 5.7 lbs. currently one of the lightest in the world

  • Built-in memory simplifies trauma acquisition and shared use

  • Smooth sealed surfaces lock out moisture (IPX-6 rating)

  • Fujifilm’s exclusive Hydro AG™ antibacterial silver-ion coating is 99.99% effective against most common bacteria, 100 times* more effective than traditional coatings and 10,000 times* more effective than surfaces with no coating

  • Fujifilm detector innovations improve image quality and dose efficiency through refined Dynamic Visualization™ processing combined with patented ISS technology and improved circuitry performance

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