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Dependable digital detectors in the configurations you need

Fujifilm’s original FDR D-EVO digital radiography (DR) detectors offer cost-effective DR without compromising speed, dose savings, image quality or flexibility. Available in six models and multiple scalable configurations, so you can select the flat panel x-ray detector that fits your needs every time. For small anatomy and exams that require lower dose, the 24x30cm CsI (C24i) produces detailed, high-resolution images with unbelievable dose efficiency. When maximum field of view is necessary, rely on Fujifilm’s 17x17” digital detectors, available in cesium or gadolinium.

  • Patented ISS technology

  • Exceptional imaging and dose efficiency

  • Lightweight – among the lightest in the industry

  • Fit standard table and upright bucky’s and holders

  • Fast: 1-3 sec. preview, 8-10 sec. cycle time

  • Multi-charger holds up to 3 spare batteries

  • Auto-trimming for off-center imaging

  • Wireless models can also be used wired

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