Mamoray Classic E.O.S.

Description The MAMORAY Classic E.O.S. processor is optimized for mammography film processing. Based on the proven technology implemented in the other Agfa equipment - such as the Classic E.O.S - this mammography darkroom film processor combines photographic consistency with reduced chemical costs. With Agfa`s unique "Ecologically Optimized System" approach, the MAMORAY Classic E.O.S. processor allows you to comply with ecological standards while reducing fixer consumption, silver content in the wash water and water consumption. The silver content in the washing water is reduced to 1 ppm at regular water consumption rates, and to 50 mg/m² at reduced water consumption rates. The racks in the MAMORAY Classic E.O.S. processor have been specially designed for dedicated mammographic processing or for mixed processing of general radiographic and mammographic images. The result is image quality that meets the most stringent regulations imposed by different countries. The MAMORAY Classic E.O.S. processor offers you a choice of processing cycles: RP (Rapid Processing) and EXT (Extended Cycle), providing you with optimum image quality of your films. IP (Intermediate Processing) will be added to new E.O.S. universal software. The developer temperature can be selected and monitored through a control panel. The developer temperature will be controlled within a tolerance rate of ±0.3 °C. Room to insert a thermometer to calibrate and monitor the photochemical process has been foreseen. The automatic jog cycle will replenish the chemicals at regular intervals to ensure optimum processing conditions. All these features contribute to consistent image quality, facilitating daily quality control. The MAMORAY Classic E.O.S. processors functions are microprocessor-controlled. Its user-friendly control panel has an interactive 2 x 16 digit LCD display (12 languages). The MAMORAY Classic E.O.S. processor features outstanding processing technology. Its infrared drying modules provide superior drying performance and generate low heat so as not to disturb the working environment. Agfa HealthCare is a leading provider of IT-enabled clinical workflow and diagnostic image management solutions for capturing and processing images in hospitals and healthcare facilities.
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