Vidar VetradPRO Edge



The VetradPRO Edge* is an affordable quality solution for a variety of veterinary animal & pet care settings that overcomes some of the most common barriers in the use of medical grade digitizers in veterinary applications.

Digitizing medical x-ray film is a science, not an art!

Creating an accurate representation of a medical x-ray film is not the same as making a picture. Therefore, specifications such as DMAX are not useful in a discussion of medical x-ray film digitizers. VIDAR film digitizers are specifically designed for the application of digitizing medical x-ray film. That’s why we specify and test every VIDAR film digitizer for Clinical Optical Density – a measurement that includes analyzing the noise and linearity across the density range of x-ray film.
The VetradPRO Edge features:

  • Excellent image quality and consistency
  • Proven reliability and maintenance-free design
  • Ease of use
  • Sensitivity to veterinary siting and budgetary constraints

The VetradPRO Edge delivers unmatched stability and consistency. With no additional burden placed on staff, veterinary radiologists can be confident that the digitized image is faithful to the hard-copy film and that their diagnoses are based on accurate and complete information. The VetradPRO Edge combines unmatched image quality, superior reliability, compact size and affordable ownership, resulting in the most economical American College of Veterinary Radiology compliant film digitizer on the market.

*This product is not for human use and should not be considered for any setting other than veterinary.


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