Codonics Virtua



The Codonics Virtua XR-A Medical Disc Publisher is an easy to use disc recorder that concurrently records

and labels CDs and DVDs on demand. Virtua XR-A is fast, recording up to 60 CDs or 30 DVDs an hour
and integrates an embedded processor, advanced robotics, user-friendly touch screen interface, dual
CD/DVD drives, and a color printer. Its all-in-one design eliminates multiple, space consuming
components and incorporates them into a single, compact, powerful disc burner. Virtua XR-A combines
unparalleled reliability and robust performance whether for high or low volume applications.
Virtua XR-A holds 100 CDs or DVDs, or 50 of each. Its built-in printer produces brilliant, full-color disc
labels that can be customized for marketing. Customers can create their own custom labels or use
Codonics disc label design service offered exclusively to our customers.

Features/ Benefits
• Automatically records patient studies without tying up your workstation or employee resources
• On-demand disc creation and labeling directly from modality workstations
• Include DICOM images, reports and video together on one disc*
• HL7 and DICOM Structured Reports can be received and matched to a patient’s study allowing
the recording of both the report and study**
• Intuitive touchscreen turns novices into experts in minutes
• User interface is available in multiple languages
• Scheduled Archive automatically records all studies to disc for backup/disaster recovery.
It also records a complete history of all archive activities on each disc**
• Compact design allows for easy siting
• Meets industry standards including DICOM part 10, IHE PDI, and audit logs for HIPAA compliance
* -A Virtua models do not support recording a viewer on the disc
**optional features

Media Inputs: Two 50-disc input bins
Media Output: One 25-disc output bin
Optical Drives: Two CD/DVD drives
Recordable Formats: CD-R, DVD-R
Label Print Technology: Inkjet
Print Resolution: Up to 4800 dpi
Ink Cartridge: One each of black, cyan, magenta and yellow
User Interface: Integrated/detachable 15” LCD touch screen
and remote web browser access
Performance:*** Up to 60 CDs per hour, 30 DVDs per hour
Processor: Intel®
Core™2 Duo
Memory: >2 GB
Data Storage: 40 GB
Interface: 10/100 Base-T/ Gigabit Ethernet (RJ-45)
Network Protocols: DICOM Store SCP (up to 24 simultaneous connections)
DICOM query/retrieve (optional)
HTTP Web Server (for remote control and configuration)
Smart Drive: USB flash drive for storing configuration data
Power: Universal Input: 100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz, 300VA (rated power)
Dimensions: 26.7“ (67.8 cm) H, 19.2“ (48.6 cm) W, 26.7“ (67.8 cm) L
Weight: 60 lbs. (28 kg.)
Regulatory: Full medical device compliance including Class 1 FDA and MDD CE,
GMP/QSR, ISO13485: 2003, 60601-1 Safety, EMC/EMI (55011(B) &
60601-1-2) for Healthcare Facilities


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