Sorna eXpedo 22t-6



Sorna pioneered the concept of automated DISC production more than a decade ago. Our innovations excel at making it easy to manage the importing, exporting, management, and display of medical records and diagnostic images on portable media.

The latest generation of Sorna’s DISC publishing systems, powered by eXpedo software, streamlines the custom creation of patient records through programmed automation. Conformant to DICOM standards and IHE Profiles, its 24/7 reliability produces the results you need.

The eXpedo family of recording systems target every production level and budget. Intelligent workflow optimizing management software using DISCflow™ Profiles customizes and automates CD and DVD DISC production, allowing you to cater to a variety of preferences within your healthcare facility, enhancing efficiency and eliminating delays. 

Key Features

  • Simple and intuitive web interface for regular users to submit and monitor jobs
  • Web-deployed client interface for advanced users and administrators
  • Fully automated creation of single or multi-study media from images sent by any DICOM device
  • Query & Build to submit multiple jobs one right after the other – you never have to wait for the retrieval of studies
  • Automatically include Structured Reports along with studies
  • Conveniently monitor the detailed status of every job
  • Easily check the status of any eXpedo autoloader from anywhere on your network
  • Automatic DISC spanning to ensure proper fit on selected media
  • Smart media function to automatically select CD or DVD minimizing number of DISCs produced
  • Media Template definitions eliminate errors by assigning user pre-sets for Job Type, Viewer, and Label Style
  • Meet new production needs – simply add a DISCflow Profile by selecting preferences from a menu
  • Multi-Patient, one-click study de-identification for crating teaching and seminar DISCs
  • Web-deployed DICOM media importer to quickly re-create or import imcoming DISCs
  • Detailed logs of content, production and recipient of each uniquely serialized DISC make HIPPA record-keeping easier
  • Automated system backup for rapid disaster recovery
  • Protect patient privacy by standards-conformant password encryption of media content
  • Use Sorna’s embedded viewer to decrypt, view and access encrypted data on the fly
Usage per Day:
High Production
Best Suited for:
Large radiology departments with high volume DISC production. Mixed-media needs.
Input Capacity:
100 x 3 Bins
Output Capacity:
300 DISCs
Burns CD & DVD
Printer Type:
Color Thermal 
Everest 600
Required Media:
White / Silver
Provides maximum performance, reliability, capacity & thermal print speed.


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