Agfa IMPAX 6.0 SE


Agfa has combined extensive expertise in the PACS domain with the latest technology achievements and leading industry-design principles to deliver a single workflow-based system that will service consumers within, and external to the walls of a facility. 

And when integrated with IMPAX RIS and Reporting solutions, Impax 6.0 will provide a consolidated view and centralized management of patient image and information data. 

Web-deployable for remote access
To accommodate the needs of radiologists and other healthcare providers, and maximize their productivity, users can download the software and leverage IMPAX functionality from virtually any location, local or remote. For remote users, easy installation and a secure connection via HTTPS provides reliable and secure access to patient information.

Streamlined workflow
Designed to intuitively meet the needs of the various users, IMPAX 6.0 will help them accomplish their goals without the need for extensive customization to their workflow. The product`s features, data presentation and workflow automatically adapt to meet any specific needs in the enterprise. Users work the way they want to work, with the information and tools they need to be productive, increasing user acceptance.

Single action data access
IMPAX 6.0 efficiently uses network bandwidth with the use of Web services to communicate between the client and the core. IMPAX 6.0 utilizes a 3-tier architecture consisting of a data layer (IMPAX core), business logic layer (application server) and presentation layer (IMPAX client). This 3-tier architecture provides the foundation for the IMPAX client to be able to access multiple data sources with a single query.

One single view
Through a digital connection to modalities, departmental systems and hospital information systems, users within the healthcare enterprise can gain an integrated view of patient data. This easy-to-manage, clinically-relevant review, reporting and results distribution system empowers users to act, plan, analyze, visualize and explore clinical data - not just read it, resulting in improved organizational efficiency and communication. 

The right information, the right way
Agfa`s Websurge technology is bandwidth adaptive sending only the pixel data required for the resolution of the monitor that the image is being displayed on. For those who choose to view the image magnified or at full resolution, full pixel data will be sent. Wavelet compression can also be applied at the modality level to reduce the effect of low-bandwidth environments. 

More key features

  • Role-based access based on IT standards (NIST)
  • Prior report handling
  • User interface optimized for reporting room environment
  • Scheduled worklists for rounds/demonstrations
  • Key image creation/display
  • Scanned documents available on Text Area (with Agfa RIS integration)
  • IHE support
  • Multiple monitor display capabilities regardless of user
  • Multi-modality display capabilities
  • User management hierarchy matches the existing organization structure
  • Extended language support for Europe and Asia 

    Agfa HealthCare is a leading provider of IT-enabled clinical workflow and diagnostic image management solutions for capturing and processing images in hospitals and healthcare facilities.

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