Tools for the Reading Physician:


  • Window & Level
  • Magnify, Zoom
  • Flip, Rotate, Pan
  • Horizontal/Vertical compare
  • Multiple Screen viewing
  • Presets
  • Cut-Lines
  • 3-D Slices
  • Cine
  • CD Burning
  • Key Image series
  • Tools for the Technologist:

  • Unsharp Masking (CR Modality)
  • Save Presentation State
  • Film and Paper print
  • “Easy Push” exam transfers
  • Modality Worklist (option)
  • CD Burning
  • DICOM Element listings

  • Available integration with a central Onyx-RAD Server or stand-alone operation as an acquire station with a secondary capture device. Telerad configurations available for doctors “on the go.”
    Multiple monitor configurations (especially with
    diagnostic greyscale displays) provide an efficient and convenient viewing area.Standard features such as CD Burning,
    3-D Slices, and Histograms exhibit the versatility
    of Onyx-RAD Professional Workstation.

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