Sorna Film X


FilmX recorders do more than just create CDs and DVDs with embedded LiteBox™ viewers. 

The new generation of FilmX recording systems, powered by eXpedo™ software, uses site-configurable “workflow profiles” that streamline custom creation of patient records through programmed automation. eXpedoÂ’s capabilities are truly remarkable. 

FilmX offers the potential to revolutionize the process of creating DICOM CDs and DVDs. Whether PACS-enabled or film-based, FilmX makes it much easier for radiology departments and imaging centers to disseminate the results of diagnostic exams on CD/DVD portable media. 

With its wide range of system configurations, thereÂ’s a FilmX for every budget and production volume. FilmX is 100% DICOM and IHE PDI conformant. New features expanding HIPAA compliance have been added to FilmXÂ’s patient database and administrative management capabilities. 

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