• Fast assessment of images after exposure

• Improved patient comfort

• Increased productivity, for lower cost per exam

• Higher image quality, for improved diagnostic effectiveness

• Dose reduction potential for all users

• Easy to operate and position both precisely and safely, with portable DR detector and motorized control

• MUSICA2 processing for superior contrast detail and exam-independent, consistent image quality

• Excellent connectivity to PACS, HIS/RIS and imagers

• Highly effective generator power, for shorter exposure times and sharper images

• Efficient battery capacity due to separate battery packs for driving and imaging

On the go: easy handling for radiology exams

The DX-D 100 has been designed to offer full mobility combined with excellent image quality, using a DX-D 10/20 portable DR detector. The large servo driven wheels and small width of the unit ensure easy handling of the DX-D 100 around the patient, even in very small areas.

 View images right after exposure

Thanks to the very fast preview times, images can be viewed straight away. Therefore you can verify right away that no retake is necessary, without moving the patient or the DX-D 100. But you don’t have to trade quality for speed and portability: 139 micron pixels give you the high resolution of a full-size a-Si detector, at the patient’s bedside.

MUSICA²: tuned for the best results

The ‘gold standard’MUSICA² image processing software has been specially adapted and tuned to further enhance the excellent DR image quality. Exam-independent, it provides consistent image quality and high contrast detail. The superior image quality also gives the potential for significant dose reduction.

The intuitive NX workstation: a more efficient workflow

The DX-D 100 has an integrated NX workstation, for an optimal workflow. When a specific type of exam is selected, the appropriate X-ray settings are automatically transferred to the X-ray generator and displayed on the touch-screen console. NX adds the exposure parameters used to the digital image file, and communicates seamlessly with PACS, HIS and RIS, eliminating manual data entry and typographical errors.

A quick and easy way to go Direct Digital!

With the DX-D 100, you can enjoy the productivity benefits of Direct Digital, including a lower cost per exam. The immediate image acquisition permits a faster exam time, with improved operator productivity and patient comfort. Patients also benefit from shorter waiting times, facilitated diagnostic confidence and lower doses.

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