Digirad Cardius 2 XPO


Giving you more in nuclear cardiac imaging

Who says you can’t have it all? At a time when medical services and practices are looking for ways to improve workflow and quality, Digirad’s Cardius® 2 XPO dedicated cardiac SPECT imaging system distinguishes itself from all other dual-head cameras with a compact, patient-friendly, open design featuring exclusive solid-state detectors and advanced cardiac software. The Cardius 2 XPO can easily be installed in rooms as small as 7 X 8 ft. and does not require anchoring to the floor, making it easy to relocate, if desired.

Cardius 2XPO Advantage:

Effective: Solid-state, flat panel detector technology optimizes results.

Compact: Can be used in rooms as small as 7’ x 8’.

Patient-centric: Enhanced comfort for obese or claustrophobic patients

Flexible: Available in mobile or fixed configuration.

Efficient: High quality diagnostic results while optimizing throughput.


The Cardius 2 XPO system offers flexibility in ways that might not be readily imagined, such as the ability to simply relocate the system to another office or room, if the need arises.


Digirad’s Solidium™ HDSD (high-definition solid-state detectors) offer a number of distinct performance enhancements over conventional Anger (photomultiplier tube-based) detector systems.

Solid-state detector heads are more compact, more rugged and conform better to typical patient body geometry. The XPO series features Solidium HDSD detectors that raise the standard in image quality, reliability and performance to a new level for the industry and the practice of nuclear cardiology.

The XPO series pushes the envelope one step further with the introduction of another Digirad exclusive – TruACQ™ Count-Based Imaging, the first and only on the fly count-based SPECT imaging technique that ensures consistent counts for every patient study...regardless of patient size, weight or dose.


Solid-state technology offers a whole new range of possibilities for innovations in nuclear camera design due to the fact that it is lightweight, rugged and extremely compact. The Cardius 2 XPO system packs state-of-the-art imaging capabilities into a smaller footprint design that is more open than other systems. It’s why Cardius systems are more patient-friendly and enable imaging patients up to 500 lbs.

The upright design makes patient ingress and egress so easy. It also offers a significant clinical advantage as the upright position lowers the diaphragm, providing better separation between the heart and gut, improving both clinical quality and physician confidence.


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