Digirad Cardius 3 XPO


Delivering clarity and comfort

Increase your nuclear cardiology efficiency with the Cardius 3 XPO triple-head, solid-state imaging system optimized for SPECT applications.

Cardius 3 XPO Advantage:

High Clarity: High-definition, solid state detectors increase image quality.

Efficient: Triple-head system increases patient throughput by up to 38%.

Effective: Advanced cardiac software optimizes diagnosticresults.

Compact: Can be used in rooms as small as 7’ x 8’ and can be placed on nearly any floor (weighs less than 900 pounds).

Patient-centric: Enhanced comfort for obese or claustrophobic patients

The only dedicated cardiac SPECT 3-head solid-state camera

With its three Solidium™ high-definition, solid-state digital detectors (HDSD), the Cardius® 3XPO can perform a seven-minute stress acquisition study to speed workflow and boost efficiency. This adds up to 38% more imaging efficiency over dual-head systems, while delivering excellent image quality and resolution.

Cardius 3XPO is also designed for convenience and comfort. The open design allows upright imaging to accommodate patients up to 500 pounds, as well as bariatric, claustrophobic and COPD patients. And its compact design enables it to be used in rooms as small as 7’ x 8’ (56 sq. ft.) without the need for room shielding or architectural modifications.

The Cardius 3 XPO weighs less than 1,100 lbs, fits through standard 3’ doors and offers 3.25 mm intrinsic spatial resolution, 7.9% energy resolution and 5 Mcps count rate capabilities.

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