Digirad Ergo


ergo’s purpose is multi-purpose.

The ergo™ Imaging System is Digirad’s advanced solid-state large field-of-view (LFOV) general purpose nuclear medicine imaging system. The single-head gamma camera is compact, lightweight, portable, and is designed to offer maximum clinical versatility, convenience, and flexibility for performing nuclear medicine studies (planar, gated, and dynamic) in imaging centers, outpatient service centers, and a variety of hospital settings (general nuclear medicine department, ICU, CCU, ER, OR, pediatrics, trauma units, patient floors, ambulatory services, women’s health, research lab).

ergo™ Advantage:

Solid-state Delivers specs and image quality.

Versatile Its large field-of-view (12.2” x 15.6”) makes ergo effective for a wide range of procedures.

Portable The lightweight design and portable base make it easy to take ergo from room to room or into various departments.

Patient-friendly A sleek, open gantry/detector design makes it convenient to image patients sitting up or lying down.

Effective Five easy-to-change, high-performance collimator options enable outstanding image contrast and clarity for a wide range of procedures.

It’s about taking breakthrough technology and entirely rethinking how to use it to make real gains in improving quality, increasing productivity, and reducing costs.


-Bone scans

Lung perfusion

Liver study

HIDA gallbladder

Gastric Emptying

GI Bleed




Brain Flow


Molecular Breast Imaging



3 Phase Bone

Sentinel Node


Animal Studies

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