Xpress.Cardiac - Half-Time Cardiac Imaging



Imagine completing a gated stress myocardial perfusion study in as little as 6 minutes.

Imagine performing a rest SPECT acquisition in less than 8 minutes... and

Imagine the images displayed at contrast and resolution levels higher than those you

have learned to expect!

All this is now possible thanks to UltraSPECT®'s exclusive Wide-Beam Reconstruction (WBRTM) technology! WBR virtually resolves 

the well-known trade-offs between sensitivity and resolution in Nuclear Imaging, revolutionizing the way Nuclear Imaging is practiced.

The benefits are unimaginable!

 Dramatically reduced scan times

 Superior image quality with undiminished diagnostic certainty

 Unsurpassed patient throughput and department productivity

 Improved patient tolerance and cooperation

 Reduced radiopharmaceutical doses

 Seamless product integration and

automated operation.


Repositioning your Practice to Meet Today's Growing Demands on

Clinical Efficacy, Department Productivity and Patient Comfort


Half the Scan Time...

Yet Superior Image Quality with Undiminished Diagnostic Certainty

 Equivalent image resolution

 Higher image contrast1

 Higher Signal-to-Noise Ratio, with improved background uniformity 2

 Reduced motion artifacts

 No post-reconstruction filtering applied, eliminating the "cosmetic" image enhancement effect 

 Improved visualization of endocardial borders and wall motion segments3

 Enhanced lesion detectability, leading to increased diagnostic confidence.


Half the Scan Time...

For Unsurpassed Patient Throughput and Department Productivity

 Increased patient throughput, with productivity improved by over 50%

 Maximized cost-effectiveness of your current NM equipment

 Simplified image processing--no need to set parameters or apply filters

 The need for the occasional repeat scan virtually eliminated.


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