Viztek-20/20 Imaging P-DR BD715


20/20 Imaging is bringing 20/20 vision to your practice. Our new DR technology is a giant leap forward, bringing the future of digital imaging to your doorstep. 20/20 Imaging was the first to introduce digital imaging to podiatry, fully automatic extremity dedicated CR, and now the very first to introduce dedicated DR to podiatry!
The P-DR BD715’s handrail system, ADA friendly low base, and “SR” series tilting bilateral tube head eliminate awkward, unsafe patient maneuvering and adds to exam efficiency. Couple that with our unique CCD sensor design that allows for a 22-48% larger imaging surface than current analog (film) or computed radiography (CR) processing.

Experience the enormous clinical and business benefits of direct radiography to your podiatry practice with the revolutionary P-DR BD715. Finally, one small step delivers a giant leap in patient care.

Features and Benefits

  • Patented Tilt Head System (eliminates need to rotate patient for AP views)
  • 3.5 inch high base (improved height for patient use)
  • Patient support rail allows access from side or front
  • 29” SID AP/Oblique view
  • 36” SID Lateral view
  • “SR” series proprietary tube
  • Low voltage exposure switch
  • Qualifies for ADA TAX Credit


  • Installation and In-Service Applications
  • Full 12 Month Parts & Labor Warranty

Spectacle Software

  • Innovative “Point, Click, & View” Process
  • Cleaner Artifact-Free Data
  • Advanced DICOM Image Processing
  • 20/20 Image Management Software
  • iSPECTACLE Web-Based Software (optional)


  • NO CASSETTES: Eliminate “wear & tear” associated with CR plates
  • Maximum throughput: > 100 images processed per hour
  • Sensor Type: CCD
  • Active Image matrix: 11” x 14”, 8” x 10”
  • Sensor weight: 11.8 lbs.
  • Power Supply: 100AC
  • Environmental Cond. : Temp: 59-95 F/15-35 C
    Humidity: 35-75% RH

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