Viztek-20/20 Imaging H-DR 101



20/20 Imaging is bringing 20/20 vision to your practice. Our new DR technology is a giant leap forward, bringing the future of digital imaging to your doorstep. 20/20 Imaging was the first to introduce digital imaging to podiatry, fully automatic dedicated extremity CR, and the very first to introduce dedicated DR to podiatry. Now 20/20 Imaging introduces this DR Technology to the upper extremity profession! The H-DR 101 dedicated hand imaging system adds to exam efficiency. Couple that with our unique CCD sensor design that allows for a 22-48% larger imaging surface than current analog (film) or computed radiography (CR) processing. The H-DR sensor directly captures the image data and displays it on a monitor within 10-12 seconds. Alternatively, the sensor can be installed as a retrofit with most existing x-ray configurations. Experience the enormous clinical and business benefits of direct radiography to your orthopaedic practice with the revolutionary H-DR 101. Finally, small steps in technology deliver a giant leap in patient care. The H-DR 101… simple as 1-2-3.


  • All-In-One integrated x-ray and digital acquisition
  • Rotates (45°) for Carpal Tunnel View
  • Radial Arm design
  • Adjustable collimator
  • Economical CCD Technology
  • Flat Panel Detector requires less space
  • Eliminates darkroom film processing and associated costs (film, chemistry, film processor cleaning/maintenance,
    film storage)


  • NO CASSETTES Eliminate “wear & tear” associated with CR plates
  • Maximum Throughput > 100 images processed per hour
  • Sensor Type CCD
  • Active Image Matrix 11” x 14”
  • Sensor Weight 12.75 lbs.
  • Power Supply 100AC
  • Environmental Conditions Temp: 59-95 F/15-35 C, Humidity: 35-75% RH


  • Innovative “Point, Click, & View” Process
  • Cleaner Artifact-Free Data
  • Advanced DICOM Image Processing
  • 20/20 Image Management Software
  • Analysis and diagnosis software
  • iSPECTACLE Web-Based Software (optional)


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