Confident and Conclusive Diagnosis with Flexible Solutions

Exclusively for those who demand the highest quality diagnoses for their patients in the most challenging of cases, the E-CUBE 15 consistently delivers speed, throughput, and accuracy that are unmatched in the medical sonography industry.

The all-new E-CUBE 15 system seamlessly integrates ALPINION proprietary technologies for imaging engines and single-crystal transducers into a cohesive and intuitive solution package.

The union of ALPINION’s unique FleXcan AchitectureTM hardware together with and embedded software suite that is fast and totally upgradable promises you, the user, world-class speed and performance for many years to come.

Each diagnostic application is individually addressed by 

E-CUBE 15 with a specialized software solution that will allow you to effortlessly select between its multifunction capabilities to combine accuracy with the highest patient throughput.

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