Toshiba Aplio


From customizable measurement packages to an ergonomic platform design, Aplio was built more intelligently to make your work easier. FEATURES 17" tilt and swivel monitor can be raised to a comfortable eye level Flexible user panel can be positioned to help reduce stress during the exam Control panel customizable to application demands and user preferences Six probe holders eliminate transducer changeover time Ergonomic, lightweight transducers with innovative shapes and super-flexible cables designed for comfort during long scanning sessions Ports provide convenient transducer access for faster exams and increased throughput Four different spectral Doppler display formats ensure user familiarity All-wheel drive chassis with central steering and braking system for easy maneuverability A large storage drawer, paperwork tray and gel holders help keep accessories handy and well organized . Aplio offers a comprehensive contrast imaging package, covering all core applications. It also introduces pioneering techniques that push the boundaries of contrast imaging* applications. Vascular Recognition Imaging Real-time observation of arterial and portal venous phase Simultaneous display of vascularization and perfusion Directional flow display Micro Flow Imaging Continuous real-time replenishment Microvasculature detail allowing diagnosis and early detection of possible malignancies Broad application use: liver disease, breast cancer CHI-Q: Quantification from raw data Time intensive curves Histogram. Toshiba provides “out of the box DICOM support” ideal for administrators concerned with connectivity and productivity. To support this, Aplio connects seamlessly with other machines within your facility. Only Toshiba supports all 7 DICOM classes featuring: Storage commitment (QC workflow) Modality performed procedure: provides automated billing methods Query retrieve: pull up a deleted study Transducers Toshiba has developed a completely new range of transducers for Aplio that combines ergonomic design with technological innovation. The latest piezoelectric ceramics enable an added increase in bandwidth, giving you the best spatial resolution possible. Advanced impedance matching and improved acoustic lens material further minimize reverberations and artifacts, improving sensitivity and image quality.

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