Toshiba Xario


Xario has a powerful system architecture, whose intelligent components work and communicate autonomously to support the most advanced imaging functions. Xario is also easy to upgrade, to keep you abreast of new ultrasound techniques. Excellent diagnostic performance. Operator comfort that inspires productivity. And outstanding connectivity features. Xario. Quite simply, the prime ultrasound system for a wide range of clinical applications. With Xario, Toshiba brings premium technology to an affordable platform of compact, stylish design. Xario combines the highest level of performance with ergonomic design to meet the fast-paced demands of your daily practice with speed and diagnostic confi Xario offers unsurpassed image quality, backed by unique, clinically proven technologies. Its full range of advanced imaging functions lets you visualize minute tissue details and vascular structures with precision, for a faster, more accurate diagnosis. With Xario, comfort and efficiency translate into higher productivity. Xario gives you abundant features that improve operator comfort while helping you streamline your workflow. With the Xarios user interface, ultra-fast operation with push-button simplicity is programmable for flexible response to user preferences or clinical needs. The Xario integrated data management system offers superior performance in archiving and reviewing exams. With an extensive range of networking and storage functions ,the Xario integrates seamlessly into all clinical environments, enhancing workflow and convenience of use. The current Toshiba ultrasound product range consists of Aplio, Nemio, Nemio 4D and Famio. In October 2004 Toshiba Medical Systems introduced a new ultrasound scanner: XARIO.

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